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I try to keep pricing as simple as possible and still give you bang for your buck. Here are a few choices for you:

Five for Five:

If you have a really narrowly focused reference question that can be answered within five minutes of creative online research (often in databases you might not have access to), I charge five dollars. Throw it at me. If I think it might take ten minutes, then $10, etc. Still the best deal around if you can't find it yourself, or don't want to take an hour of your valuable time when I might be able to do it in five or ten minutes.

Flat Fee:

Flat fee projects are often used for specific background research, and narrowly focused research questions with a finite ending, something a little more involved than
"five for five...," but still pretty closed-ended.

Hourly Rate:

For longer-term or open-ended research projects, I can work at a competitive hourly rate, and pass on to you the cost of copying expenses, travel, or other discrete costs.

CONTACT me and explain your research goals, I will help you determine the best option to meet your goals with minimum cost.

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