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Whether you are a filmmaker or writer researching a script or book, or you need a background report on a particular historical era, person, family, site or location, I can help you. Let my knowledge of public records, online databases and open sources, and archival materials unearth the stories of any historical research subject. I can conduct research in numerous propietory online databases and collections that are worldwide in scope for any general historical research project.

Projects can range from documenting an answer to one single question to more complex topical research and analysis, depending on your needs.

For Writers & Family Historians:

Have you ever needed to put your hands on some scrap of information that will make the scene you're working on sing? Or do you need some general information about a place or time in which you've never lived? But you can't, or would rather not take the time to travel to a research library, or spend time yourself trying to find the information online, all of which would break up the flow of your work.

I've taken a crack at writing both fiction and nonfiction myself, and understand that sometimes it's just not practical to do your own research, or you might not have the expertise in the particular area in which you need information.

When that happens, get in touch with me--I'll talk to you about your needs and how I can help meet them.

I can also provide consulting, editorial, or writing services for those clients who desire to use family members' interviews as a basis for a family or life history or personal biography book.

I also offer historical research to verify or complement an interview, or a manuscript draft. I also can help locate appropriate photographs of historical events, places, etc. to complement a book project. These services are available for an hourly rate, or a per project flat fee, depending on the scope and nature of the task, and the client's needs.

For Filmmakers & Documentarians:

Do you need that one tidbit of information for your script, or prop for your film, to give it the historical verisimilitude it needs--but you're just not sure where to look? Or maybe you need a complete background report on a particular historical era, with particular emphasis on the physical surroundings, costume, and behavior?

You're not a historian, and I'm not a filmmaker--but I do understand the creative mindset and how to bring the two worlds together in a way that both respects the filmmaking process and the history of the period you're trying to portray.

Whether you need a quick reference check, a period item, or a fifty-page background report, I can get the information into your hands so you don't have to take the time out of your creative efforts.

Other Services

Maybe you don't quite fit into any of the categories above, but you've got a historical question you need solved, or need some research to help you better understand a particular era or place. Let me know what you're looking for--I'm resourceful, and love taking on new projects.

You never want to let history get stale.

Research can be done for a fixed-price, flat fee, or reasonable hourly rate.

CONTACT me and explain your research goals, I will help you determine the best option to meet your goals with minimum cost.

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